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ADELPHE IP is a sister company of BUGNION SA, a century-old Swiss intellectual property consulting firm.

Adelphe IP assists you in the technical, legal, operational and budgetary management of your intellectual property rights, both nationally and internationally.

Adelphe IP

ADELPHE IP was created in the South-East of France (Annecy) in 2021, in order to meet the intellectual property needs of economic actors, both nationally and internationally. ADELPHE IP also has a specific cross-border expertise.

ADELPHE IP is active in the field of trademark law, patent law, copyright law, design law, domain names and issues of the digital.

From the very beginning of the innovation process, ADELPHE IP offers a personalized intellectual property strategy that is constantly adapted to the needs of each economic actor in line with its budgetary constraints.

ADELPHE IP has a worldwide network of intellectual property specialists to meet the needs of its clients internationally. ADELPHE IP is also in contact with official intellectual property organizations (National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), European Patent Office (EPO), World Intellectual Property Organization [WIPO]…).

ADELPHE IP has also surrounded itself with a network of professionals with expertise in fields related to intellectual property (distribution law, digital law, corporate law, tax law…).

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During a free initial meeting, we will define with you the contours of your intellectual property needs in order to establish an effective and lasting collaboration.

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A team with multiple and complementary skills

A team with multiple and complementary skills to manage, defend and enhance your intellectual property rights in the face of new industrial and economic challenges (Patent Attorneys, Trademark Attorneys, Design Attorneys), European Patent Attorneys, European Trademark Attorneys, Design Attorneys and administrative managers. All of our collaborators have developed an expertise in companies and/or in French and/or Anglo-Saxon intellectual property firms.

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