Copyright protects literary or artistic creations (literary or scientific writings, plans, utility objects, photos, software, logos…).

ADELPHE® assists you in copyright law, more specifically in the context of the protection of a logotype, a product and its packaging or the contents of a website. ADELPHE® adapts the protection strategy according to the legislative and administrative specificities of each country, in particular in the United States and in China.

ADELPHE® expertise in France and abroad:

  • tailor-made strategy for the protection of your creations and recommendations on the modes of protection (registration of creations under copyright in countries where such a formality is provided) ;
  • evidentiary strategy in the field of copyright (securing and preserving evidence on your creations) ;
  • recommendations on what to put on all your media (packaging, promotional brochures, texts and website images…) ;
  • pre-litigation and litigation (formal notice, assistance in the amicable resolution of disputes, support in litigation procedures with specialized lawyers) ;
  • management of authorizations required for the peaceful exploitation of a work ;
  • representation and intervention with the societies of collective management of the royalties ;
  • negotiation and drafting of contracts (confidentiality clause, assignment, license…) ;
  • training and awareness on intellectual property issues.
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